Single & Satisfied

Performing Arts

Ensure church engagement and community advocacy for matters related to social justice and public policies that affect the local community.

Many Parts But One Body: In our attempt to glorify God by edifying the church, we believe in embracing and celebrating the diversity of gifts that all spirit-filled believers possess. Check out some of the ministries of FBCEE. 

Capture and catalogue all worship services and church related events.

Foster an environment wherein the Senior Members of the church nurture their physical, emotional and spiritual needs; thereby enabling them to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through service projects and fellowship.

Port Shelter

Assist the congregation and promote the physical, emotional and spiritual health of the members through education and community resources.

Tower Team Security

Carry out the mission of making disciples by providing quality instruction in the Word and knowledge of God.

Social Action Ministry

League of Christian Women

Offer church and community fellowship opportunities as well as exhortation for the Single believer.

News Network/Media

One Flesh

Promote a climate of friendship, acceptance, warmth, welcome and Agape love upon entering the Lighthouse of worship.

Golden Key

Meet and greet our members and guests with an outreach of kindness and spiritual love.

Serve each worship service through passionate and diverse musical offerings (OMB: Out of the Mouths of Babes Youth Choir, Sons of Thunder Male Chorus, Fresh Water Gospel Choir, Voice of Praise Senior Choir, WOW: Women of Worship Women’s Choir)


Produce and present weekly church and community news announcements and to secure effective sound, lighting and recording of services that include live streaming.



Provides meals to those in need in the community.



Enhance worship through liturgical dance and drama.

Intercessory Prayer

Maintain Christ-centered fellowship and holistic development among women.

Practice the Gospel of Jesus Christ through missional projects as well as extend support to homebound and convalescing members.

Provide prayer and intercede for the needs of FBCEE and the people of God.

Designed to maintain an atmosphere where we as addicted people can come to begin again by focusing on Jesus.

Free Indeed

"The Lighthouse of Our Lord"


Empower, eduate and equip couples (married or engaged) with the tools they need to develop and maintain a healthy, wholesome and biblically-based marriage in accordance with God's word.

Encourage, instruct and equip our men to fulfill the will of God.

Provide spiritual nourishment and inspiration, outreach and fellowship opportunities to adults ages 19 to 39.

Arrange decorative decorum throughout the church that reflects the liturgical calendar and special events throughout the year.

Instructing, Inspiring and Illuminating the Community of Christ ~ Matthew 5:14-16

Welcome into our Church and provide meals and shelter to those that have registered and are part of the Port Shelter Program for the current year. 

Men's Fellowship


Photography Ministry

East End University

12 Baskets Ministry

Monitor and secure all ministry gatherings.